The Collective Platform is a website based on submissions from anyone, anywhere, whatever political alignment. We’re non-partisan so there’s no editorial stance: our principal mission is to increase debate between all sides of the spectrum.

In a nutshell, this website is about freedom of speech. We believe that everyone has the right to voice their opinion, and more importantly, we think everyone has a right to be heard. Too many people feel forgotten or ignored by an establishment that thinks it knows best, and talks down at those who challenge or disagree with it. This is partly why there’s a feeling of ‘us vs them’ that is so common today. No one listens to each other’s views or concerns and this has only polarised our society. Listening to each other is crucial if we are to unite as a people.

The media is supposed to act as an intermediary between citizens and those in charge: informing the people and acting as a check on power. However the mainstream media has absorbed much of the establishment it is supposed to scrutinise. With newspaper sales on the decline, media outlets on the left and right are increasingly resorting to attention-grabbing headlines and biased coverage to please their readership. If we were exposed to other points of view this would matter less, but since most of our news media is now filtered through echo-chambers it only serves to fuel the growing polarisation of views. It’s only natural as humans to retreat into ideological bubbles, but it’s dividing us too much. 

The internet was meant to herald in a more interactive and inclusive form of debate where everyone has an equal voice, but this hasn’t actually happened. People can air their grievances through social media but that only reaches their friends and followers. Having a voice that will be heard by a wide audience is a luxury held only by a few. As starting a blog is not for everyone, many people have no outlet to voice or argue their opinions. This website aims to address that problem by providing a space where you can express your view and share it with people who’ll listen. We’re non-exclusive, so we welcome whatever writing style, ability or experience.

What we’re hoping for with TCP is to challenge the echo-chamber problem dominating debate on the Internet. We want to bridge our ideological divide. And we want people to educate each other. Anything that interests you be it space travel or Trump, its welcome on here; if you have an opinion or story it’s worth telling.

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” -George Bernard Shaw