The best food stops in… Canterbury

Written by Edward Langley and Marina Lademacher

Canterbury is known for its rich history, beautiful parks and its famous Cathedral; all of these make this city of culture worth a visit. But the big question weighing on everyone’s mind before taking the plunge and embarking on a trip is: what’s the grub like? Food matters, okay? It’s not just a substance to give us energy or fill us up. Maybe back in Chaucer’s day it was just seen as sustenance to keep us going. But now we have Instagram, TripAdvisor and those mouth-watering Buzzfeed recipe videos, all of which have turned us into a generation of foodies. Food is an art, it’s exciting, and more importantly- it’s delicious! So we took a trip around Canterbury to try out some of the best, and most affordable, food.

Pork & Co


Hands down the best pulled pork we’ve ever tried. One would expect the pork to be good, what with it being in the name of the restaurant and all, but this is seriously good pulled pork. Pork & Co is cosy and tucked away just off the high street near the Cathedral, but that’s besides the point because holy moly the pulled pork is delicious. It’s not just pork, they do beef burgers and other meats- we’d recommend trying the croquettes for starters which are exquisitely excellent. Try the dips as well, particularly the blue cheese dip even if you don’t like blue cheese, we guarantee you will like this… not telling any porkies. Did we mention the pulled pork is good?

Don Juan


Don Juan is a Spanish café located in the picturesque Dane John Gardens, just a minutes walk away from Canterbury East station. In Summer and on weekends Don Juan do lovely BBQs in the evening, but if you come in the day be sure to try the empanadas. Legit, try the empanadas and you will not regret it. They’re only £2.50 each and come with spinach, chicken or beef fillings. Don’t forget to help yourself to the different salsas which are just divine. Trust us, you won’t have had salsa like this before. Try the Spanish omelette as well if you’re feeling really peckish.

Café Mauresque


So you like falafel do you? And hummus? Well let me hit you with some street knowledge. You haven’t tried falafel and hummus yet. Nope, you haven’t. Not until you go to Café Mauresque. This isn’t just food, this is post-food. This is the stuff our grandkids will be eating. They’ll think the food we ate was mere gruel, but nope not this. Try the hummus first, you’ll be like “mm… that’s some damn good hummus”, then try the falafel. Then try the hummus with the falafel. It’s a mouth orgasm and that’s the only description that does it justice. Come here at your own peril, for once you have tasted this hummus and falafel you will never be satisfied with any other hummus or falafel ever again. You’ll stay up at night thinking about it drooling, then you’ll dream about it. You’ll wake up in cold sweats and before you know it you’ll be sprinting down the high street to get your next fix. Then your family will stage an intervention and you’ll end up yelling at your mum “MUM, YOU JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND UNTIL YOU TRY IT!” Just go there, just go. Go. What are you waiting for? Go!

Café des Amis


Yeah I know, it’s got a French name. But it’s Mexican food. If you come here expecting les escargots and les frogs legs you’ll be deeply disappointed. But fear not, for your taste buds will not leave this establishment without being taken on a journey. Café des Amis can be found perched just beyond the beautiful Westgate Gardens, so take a stroll through, sniff the flowers, and head in for some taco time. The walls are covered in cool decorations and art making a really cosy and friendly environment, but don’t let that distract you from the food. We’d recommend the nachos for a starter which comes with all the trimmings. Then tuck into the tacos for a main course, they’re £3.50 each but get 2-3 for a proper meal. The flavours just invade your mouth like pirates hijacking a ship. But these aren’t bad pirates. They’re the kind of pirates you want in your mouth. Anyway I’m not sure where that simile was going, but the moral of the story is this is some tasty-ass Mexican food.



Legend has it Morelli’s has been there since the dawn of time. When God finished the big bang, he headed down to Morelli’s for some proper Italian ice cream. Sorry, gelato? Whatever. But this van isn’t shrouded in mystery for no reason. The Ancient Greeks pondered the question for decades, how does one make such good ice cream as Morelli’s? It’s a head-scratcher to this day, one of the world’s greatest conundrums. My best bet is it’s impossible. One doesn’t taste ice cream better than Morelli’s anywhere, and one never shall. But that doesn’t matter, because the van is still there to this day. We’re not sure if it’s the same guy who’s been selling it the whole time, but it’s still the same damn good ice cream. So once you’ve had your pulled pork, empanadas, falafel, hummus and tacos, there’s only one place to go left to seduce your sweet tooth. You guessed it, it’s Morelli’s.

Brace yourselves for next weeks culinary adventure where we’ll be tackling the one and only food capital (and actual capital) of England… Landan innit


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